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Clear Messaging been "answering for the doctors" since 1958. Our agents are trained in HIPAA privacy procedures as well as stringent call taking protocols. We treat your patients with the respect that you would expect in your own office. After hours emergency calls can be delivered to your on call in a number of convenient and HIPAA compliant methods. And since we're always available, you can leave your office with the peace of mind that your patients are being helped with the utmost professionalism.

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From contractors to plumbers, IT professionals and HVAC technicians, Clear Messaging knows that your business doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Allow our professional and knowledgable staff to provide your customers with the same level of customer service that you expect from your own office. Since we're ready and waiting around the clock, you never have to worry about missing a customer. Partnering with Clear Messaging is just good business, and we'd love the chance to show you.

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Property Management

Whether you manage an apartment complex or a shopping center, your tenants have needs that may not necessarily fit within normal business hours. That's where we come in. At Clear Messaging, we're always available. So in the event that a maintenance issue arises your tenants can have the security of always having a live person on the other end of the line who is ready and able to put into action whatever protocols you have designated.

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Other Organizations

Non-profits, schools, and religious oragnizations depend on Clear Messaging to help them communicate effectively. When your staffing needs are great but your budget is not, Clear Messaging can function as an extension of your current staff. We can deliver information, take mesasges, and contact you with urgent matters in a number of fully customizable ways. We all know the power of communication, so we hope you'll choose Clear Messaging to use that power to help your organization grow and prosper.

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